This cat is very gentle. He would make a nice house cat, but he also like to sit outside. He has green eyes and does not talk much. He like people and pats on the head. Likes napping
Crazy and adventurous little girl. Loves to climb whatever she can. Eating dry food with a little bit of water and learning how to use a litterbox.
Max needs a home! We are fostering a six year old neutered, litter-trained male cat. He has been in a loving family where he was the only pet his whole life. They are heartbroken to give him up, but they cannot take him overseas. He warmed up to me & my husband quickly, but our situation with preschool children is not ideal for him. He would do best in a mature home where he's given some time/s...
We are relocating to the Greensboro area. A year ago we found a stray, barely one month old kitten who was dropped on the side of a busy street. He was so young that he had no signs of the typical feral cat behavior or aggression (he let me pick him up right away) was just timid, scared and alone. I nursed him to health, spent a lot of time coddling him, gave him all kitten shots, vaccines and ...
meow meow is very affectionate, people and dog for a nice home for him. ted, meows, and purrs constantly. he appeared several months ago, we fed him and when cold came we brought him in. we already have five other rescues and 1 cat is ery aggresive tomeow. we have him in a dog cage for safety, he is not happy but his warm and safe. we would hope for a nice home for him. nice w/our dog, seems ok...
Zoey is sweet and adorable. Her birthday is 5-2-15. Zoey loves to play and cuddle. She is not a fan of aggressive dogs. We love our pets but I have to separate the cats from the dogs. It's causing chaos for everyone. I would like to see Zoey's life more peaceful. And also her brother cat Gus. Gus is also up for rehousing Gus was born 4-7-15. Both cats are very loveable. You can have 1 or both. ...
Olive is 3yrs old. She's a fun, loving, fat little cat. She loves to play with straws. She's still very playful but also lazy (as most cats are). She gets along well with other cats. She's also a very curious little one...loves to watch outside at everything that passes by and LOVES to bird watch and chirp.
Bullet is friendly and loving. He loves to eat half a can of tuna every night and playing with his brother. He likes to talk as well. We love them very much but can no longer keep them because we are currently without a home.
Socks is very friendly and loves to curl up in your lap and talk to you. He loves his tuna in the evening and playing with his brother. Unable to keep them anymore due to us not having a home.
Oreo is an eight year old black and white American short-hair. I adopted him as a small kitten from a local veterinarian. He was found on the road hit by a car and they put a metal pin is his leg, but you would never know it today. He runs, jumps, and plays like a normal cat. His favorite things are jumping at the long string toys, a string itself and the laser pointer and of course he goes nut...
Well i wish they could be with someone old or wt children.
Adopt Angel a White (Mostly) American Short hair / Mixed cat in Winston Salem, NC (23363632) great with cats, great with dogs, nice with children, housetrained
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